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PMM-100 M-Bus Master What is M-Bus? M-Bus Calorimeter is both a physical and software system specially designed to feed energy from afar to Heat Cost Allocators, Natural Gas Meters, Hot or Cold water meters. It is also a means to meters with built-in batteries to communicate without the need to consume energy. M-Bus is a popular protocol for meters used in settlements because it enables the meters to communicate within 17 kilometers without the need for energy consumption. A main server is needed to communicate with M-Bus ready devices. This server not only provides the energy necessary for devices to communicate, but also allows the communication to happen through 2 cables. For this reason the the cost of infrastructure and maintenance is less that other protocols. General Properties MBus Master Calorimeter allows accest to Heat Cost Allocators, Natural Gas Meters, Hot or Cold Water meters through USB,RS485,TCP/IP,Wi-Fi and GSM. Hardware Specs Device Feed : 85-265 VAC
Maximum power consuption : 20W
MBus line voltage : 36 VDC
Working temperature : -20 ˚C - +45˚C
MBus Slave count : 100 counters
Connection interface : RS-485, USB
Status indicators : Energy, Data in, Data out and status LEDs
MBus Port communication types: Allows communication using any data type between 300-38600 kbps. This allows it to support all device types.

Standards : EN 13757-2 and TS EN1434-3:2016.
User Manual (PDF)

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