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About Us

Our company founded for developing software and designs in the field of automation and industrial electronics. Since its establishment in 2017, by adding the sectoral experience, collective work of the company and the professional expertise of its founders, our company has been producing industrial automation devices.
Our company aims to be a leader in industrial automation field by making necessary Research & Development studies.
While expanding our manufacturing capacity, our company continues to design new technologies according to the needs of the sector.
Purpose of our company is to provide more comprehensive and high quality services in the field of automation industry through its expertise in software and hardware design.
Having been aware of the responsibilities of being a R & D company, Pilot Electronics has always adopted the principle of keeping its target beyond expectations of its customers.
Pilot Electronics has been providing excellent services to its customers through its honesty, experience and technology. It also aims to produce more innovative products and researches in the future.


Our aim is to be a pioneer, reliable and sustainable company in industrial automation sector worldwide according to international standards.


Our mission is to meet the requirements of automation and industrial electronics’ market with our high quality products, sales and after sale services.

Our Policy for Quality

We intend to meet the highest expectations of our customers by using innovative techology and paying great attention to our virtues such as universal work ethics, reliability and sustainability. Our main goal is to improve our quality management systems in manufacturing process, sales and after-sales services by achiving highest customer satisfaction. We plan and organize training programmes in order to keep our quality standarts up to date.